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Toilet Learning

Kids have a lot of hurdles to jump when it comes to toilet learning. They have to learn how to use the toilet and how to clean themselves after using the toilet, but they also need to learn how to tell when they need to go to the bathroom.

Some kids pick up toilet learning fairly quickly, while others struggle. I’m here to help the parents who are struggling to teach their toddler how and when to use the toilet.

There are a lot of questions around toilet learning, so let’s start with a couple answers.

Is Toilet Learning the Same as Potty Training?

Yes!  Toilet learning and potty training both mean getting your toddler off diapers and using the toilet.  The reason I use learning in place of training is that the word “training” has a connotation of force or control while learning is the process of gaining understanding through teaching and experience.

What Is the Right Age for Toilet Learning?

Some kids are ready to start toilet learning as early as 16 months, while others won’t be ready until they are a bit older.  With this and just about everything else involving childhood development readiness is related to the stage that your child is in and not to their age.

At a certain point, most kids start showing signs they’re ready to start potty learning, and one of the things I can help you with is identifying those signs.

If you’re starting to worry your toddler will never catch on to the idea of learning to use a toilet, I can help you through the rough spots. My process involves working with you and your toddler to help them understand what’s needed and to help you understand what might be holding them back.

Because toilet learning is frustrating for so many parents, I have come up with a variety of ways to help parents with the process. We can work one-on-one either online or in your home with you and your child. You can book one of those services here.

I also lead workshops where I take groups of parents through the potty learning process and explain some of the things they can expect. There’s plenty of time for parents to ask questions, so not only will you have an opportunity to ask me all your burning questions about toilet training, you’ll also have an opportunity to learn from the questions other parents bring up that you hadn’t thought to ask.

If you want to know anything about my process with potty learning, don’t hesitate to reach out so we can start a conversation.

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