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Our MISSION is to work with families to:

  • foster better communication and organization

  • help children reach milestones that make life easier and more fulfilling for the entire family

  • assist during events and travel for carefree enjoyment during the most memorable moments

  • give the adults the well-deserved time off they need to recharge and be the best caretakers they can be!


Childcare Philosophy

Children are capable of much more than most people give them credit for. If encouraged to live up to their full potential and take on all the responsibilities of their ability they tend to be more cooperative, creative and independent. Being held to higher standards of behavior while being allowed to explore and play leads to more enjoyable experiences for the entire family. When routines replace schedules, teaching skills replaces constant assistance, and conversation replaces punishment, children are inspired to take active roles in their own learning and development. This engagement fosters autonomy, builds self-esteem and ultimately makes your life easier!

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Meet Our Team


Sarah J

My Story

My childcare journey began when I was 8 years old.  After my father died of cancer, my mother was overwhelmed with the responsibility of raising 5 children on her own. I stepped up to help her out and began taking care of my younger siblings. From there, I started babysitting for neighbors, family, and friends of both. I studied elementary education at Highline College and Colorado State University-Pueblo but decided, after completing my degree, that I would make more of an impact in settings with smaller child-to-me ratios. After over 15 years of working long-term for a family or two at a time, I decided to expand my ability to help more families by offering my specialties as individual services. I hope to be able to work with you, and your family, to create as much calm, serenity and order as you are looking for in your household!

Who is MFM?: About
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